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Since training as an acupuncturist nearly 20 years ago I have spent time working in mental health support environments, teaching health science subjects in a variety of  tertiary institutions and worked with many different types of conditions in private practice around Christchurch.

I love using the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Whether brief intervention for injury recovery, or a more complex health condition, TCM brings a unique view on the body that supports a bigger picture of what it means to heal and be well.  Science is now catching up and much of the TCM symbolism is simply ways of describing well-being in which each part of the  body works in harmony with the others to sustain overall health. 


As an ACC injury treatment provider my  approach is very physically minded to optimise a fast recovery.  Treatment will focus on the local area, in combination with acupuncture points & education to help you build & distribute resources through the body (qi & blood) while supporting the nervous system in relaxation for a whole body response to enhance your injury healing.  

TCM Acupuncturists have long known that when working with the nervous system many physical symptoms will ease. For this reason TCM Acupuncture can be helpful to support long term pain conditions and ease symptoms that arise from stress and trauma.   This is a particular interest of mine and I have recently joined an Otago research project for trauma release acupuncture to support PTSD(I)  and chronic pain recovery in Veterans.  This can also be applied to anyone interested in easing trauma patterns and calming the body's responses to stress.

In the clinic my aim  is to hold a calm space of contemplation and self reflection so re-connection with the needs of the body, mind & spirit can begin.  It is important to me that you are in an environment that helps you feel  safe in your own thoughts.  This quiet space allows whatever is at the surface to be processed and cleared without attachment so a new vibration of energy can begin. Talking and sharing about these experiences is purely optional. The beauty in the medicine is the body with the facilitation of the needles will support you as needed. 


Outside of clinic I enjoy an active lifestyle of nature walks, swimming, paddle boarding and exploring the best of what the South Island has to offer.  I also have a creative side enjoying a mix of making ceramics, gardening & music, and more recently added a Chahauhau to my family.

Nicola (Nicci) Blain
NDA, BHSc.Acu (4yrs), PGC.PS
Member Acupuncture New Zealand
ACC Treatment Provider

Acupuncturist:  Sports Clinic: 158 Bealey Ave (Monday & Wednesday)
                                  Garden City Health:  221 Innes Road (Tuesday & Thursday)
Teacher:   Health & Well-being & Professional Development Courses

Coach:  Professional Supervision - NZQA level 8, Registered Supervisor with Workplace Support & New Zealand

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